About Us

Mount Everest the worlds tallest mountain.

Inspired by the Himalayas

MomoTime is a Nepalese street food stall working at markets, events and festivals in the UK and Europe. Having lived in Nepal for nearly 2 years I fell in love with the country and its people. Momos were an integral part of life there. After coming home to discover Britain was largely unaware of the deliciousness of momos and Nepalese cuisine in general I decided to start MomoTime in January 2017

Never Ending Peace and Love is what NEPAL stands for.

Introducing a traditional Nepalese cuisine. Unknown to the UK

Momos are one of Nepal's most popular dishes and an everyday occurance, they say there are more momo outlets in Kathmandu than Mcdonalds in New York! Each one is made by hand. Vegetable stuffings are folded in flour dough. Typically steamed but also fried. As they cook the succulent filling releases a broth which is captured inside. Served with an authentic Nepali tomato chutney.

Panorama from a mountain cafe, Annapurna circuit

Perfect for on the move

MomoTime's big focus is with ethics and sustainability. 10% of profits go to The Gurkha Welfare Trust. We also meet the homeless frequently around Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire supported by Leighton Linslade Homeless Service. All packaging and cutlery is recyclable/compostable. All food waste is composted. Plant based eco friendly washing liquid is used for all the washing up at the end of the day